I start my 2 hour party by breaking the ice  We have a crazy session of plate spinning for starters.  I also bring along some gymnastic rainbow ribbon sticks to twirl and wave about. 

Now its time for crazy dance routines to the latest tunes with some awesome moves and very bonkers party games. I am now great friends with the kids.


We hit a party high where I feature loads of props and costumes ,I bring along a huge bag full of pom-poms, cowboy hats, sponge snowballs, a bubble machine, blown up balloon swords, a snow making machine and my comedy Elsa (my version) .

Its really fabulous and the kids love it

Time for the comedy magic show featuring the birthday boy or girl doing lots of silly magic tricks to wow their friends.

I have a naughty puppet puppy dog called toto who the kids adore, he eats too much and much to the kids amusement doesnt have great toilet habits.

Whilst the children are enjoying their party tea I nip off to change into many costumes and walk around the party table meeting and greeting the children. We will have a fun game of pass the parcel (I supply) and then hopefully there is enough time for some stick on jewellery or super hero tattoos and stickers

I also have a fabulous but shorter 1 hour party and an amazing 90 minute party to cater for everyone